The Benefits of Natural green Smoothies

Green Smoothies make for a great well-balanced, nutrient-packed, and nourishing meal or snack.

Easily digestible
When blended well, most of the cells in the greens are ruptured, making the valuable nutrients easy to assimilate.

Drinking a green smoothie when you travel can help keep you on track with healthy eating.

Green smoothies are a great base to which I add all kinds of superfoods, including vitamins.

Great for kids
Since leafy greens can be difficult for kids to eat in their natural form, incorporating them into a smoothie is a great option.

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Smoothie Tips
Learn how to cut, chop and prep incredible nutrient-dense foods found in a plant-based diet. We'll teach you simple techniques that save you precious time, money and sanity like smoothie prep, freezing your greens, meal prep, meal planning and so much more! Helpful tips will make all the difference when making healthy habits stick, so let's dive in!