Healthy Smoothies

Blueberry, strawberry, and dozens more fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes. Find a new healthy smoothie for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack today!

Healthy Pregnancy SmoothieBy kerryThis delicious Healthy Pregnancy Mother Smoothie is the extra dose of vitamins and mineral you and your baby needs during this special time.
Healthy Apples and Cinnamon SmoothieBy kerryThis delicious Healthy Apple and Cinnamon Smoothie is super delicious and healthy thanks to the many benefits Spinach bring to your body
Before Workout SmoothieBy kerrythis before workout smoothie, will control your hunger, you can start your workout right away without feeling sick, and you'll get the energy level needed to get the best of your routine!
Best Detox SmoothieBy kerryI love detox smoothies, but this one is by far my absolute favorite, why? Because it really helps me and there are no weird ingredients that end up giving an odd taste making up the whole drinking process a struggle.